As you can tell i have just added a new page (hopefully it’s there, at the moment my browser is not allowing me to view it, but my unshakable faith has me believing that it is actually there). This page should have taken half the time but I time management is not my strong point, especially when I have to balance comics and Finite Math. And I suck at math. Lets see if we can make that week deadline next page. ;)

Anywho onto the bloggy bits. I was recently revisiting one of my favorite Sunday cartoons as a kid, Samurai Jack; in order to study it’s often dialouge-free, action based storytelling and minimalistic aestetics. The show, which you can watch here, is an exemplary example of taking big screen epicness and wrapping  it in an iconic cartoony style. This is a concept I’d like to incorporate into my comic as well. The plot itself reads like a quest from world of warcraft, with JUST enough justification for its stylish violence. But what really caught my eye about this show when I was young was it’s atmospheric prescence, I mean check this out:

Shits crazy right? This is the imagination fuel that was fed to us 90’s kids. That is also the standard I hold my comic’s backgrounds to. I cannot wait to really go crazy on some of the enviroments in Warmachine (Now that they are finally leaving this trench after 14 damn pages).

The art director of the show is Chris Reccardi who is a well established animator and artist in his own right who has worked with Sony, Disney and Dreamworks. He resides in Pasadena, California: The place that I hope and dream that I will one day get to visit. It’s the to-go place if  you are a cartoon artist.  His art is usually gesso on wood and is themed around robots, scooters, music, retro cartoons and petite women with big cabooses (all things that I love very much). I find his whole portfolio fascinating as he seems to be the originator of abstract art in 2d animation. Blocky can indeed be beautiful.

Are memories of Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends flooding your mind yet? They should be.

If you would like to check out more of Reccardi’s excellent portfolio go here.

Well that’s all folks. Ill be dropping the sketch for my newest page soon. Keep an eye out, as it is a page I am extremely exited for. Ill leave you with a song by Blackmill. He is relatively new on the scene but his mechanical melodies are some of the best I have heard of late:

The vocals in this track are provided by Veela, who has collabed with a variety of “chillstep” artists that I enjoy. Give her a search too.