Hey yall. So it seems I have been getting quicker at this webcomic thing. Here is pg 15, 3 days ahead of schedule. (I am aiming for weekly updates on Tuesdays). Once I hit 16 pages (roughly 120 panels or so) I am going to start working on accruing an actual audience to get some feedback. I am really curious as to how it reads to somebody other than me, because I have stared at these pages so long all I see is lines and colors. Hopefully there are no glaring holes in my storytelling.

Now for something neat. My good friend from high school Al Pantone (not Capone) is doing 3D  funstuffs for college and decided to make my lil webcomic a theme for one of his rendering projects. He recreated the radioactive pollution canal as well as the Acari vault and a canvas buggy that he assumed the Proxies used as transport (this was before it was revealed that they simply fly around in the sky riding a giant metal fish). Check it son:

Now I find this awesome because I am egotistical and I love seeing things made in my [art’s] image. Also, this gave me just a small glimpse of what it would be like to be the art director for a video game. Its definitely goodfeels. Way to go Al, I’ll be putting this in my fanart section…You know…once I get one of those.

MUSIC TIME! Do you like glitchstep? No? Well too bad because this man is a genius. I give you Culprate, check out his colours album. Great stuff.