Addendum: 11/11/12 A few ideas I am playing with at the moment





Ello. It has been a while since I have updated the website. This is mostly due to the fact that Warmachine has not been engaging my interest as of late. Which is fine, because I have simply funneled that interest into  making new art. My newest piece (the blue one) was for a presentation on how I do art for school. It is safe to say that, after 10 minutes of babbling about screen layers and clipping masks, the class was sufficiently lost. It was a good lesson, for me at least, on how to make the colors less true to life and more atmospheric through thematic lighting via screen layers. If anybody wants to buy a print of this lemme know. Included here is also a bunch of sketches and doodles that I have made instead of doing homework this month.

Also, currently listening to Zed’s Dead and Omar Linx mixtape “Victor”. Really cool blend of dub and rap with really inspiring lyrics. Check it make sure you grab that free DL.

Also, been gettin nostalgic with the FF Dawn of souls GBA soundtrack and even some FOO FIGHTERS. Good stuff, signing off.