Hey yall it’s been quite a while since i have updated this site. I havent been lazy though, just super busy with exams and work and other bullshit as well as the creation on a DA account (finally!). I still had some time for art however:

“It is a place, not of infinite possibilities but of infinite realities.”
This kingdom is my tribute to a childhood of high fantasy. I drew inspiration from all my childhood fantasy muses: Dragon Quest, LotR, Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft, Golden Sun, Fire Emblem, tons of novels, ect. ect. I imagine all the world’s elves, goblins, orcs, magicians, knights and princesses from every series reside here. In Allsgard.

Also here is an unfinished illustration I had done as well:

Ok, time for the music: If you have not heard flyleaf’s new album “New Horizons” you really should. Like this stuff . It is awesome. They were one of my favorite bands during high school, good to hear new stuff from em.