Hey everyone reading this! Happy New Year!

I am bringing you a bunch of new art and sketches! Enjoy! The first picture is a bit of WOW fanart I made for my girlfriend for her birthday. Hilariously fun to draw. The other sketches are my 2013 redesigns of some of my character’s from Warmachine. This year I am hoping to launch a campaign to get some part of a script written and some more character designs fleshed out and begin working on the actual graphic novel. I have two unfinished draft “pilot comics” which you can ┬áread in my comics section. Making them has been an invaluable learning experience for me and now I can say finally I am confident in my art to make the actual version. Now my writing, which I have been honing in private, is another story. I will start by writing drafts for the 1st chapter and having people proof it. If you are interested in becoming a peer editor for the script email me (Armax000@hotmail.com) and I will inform you through each step of the comic’s creation.

I completed my 2012 new years resolution’s which were to create a webspace and create a comic fight scene. ┬áLets see if I can manage to get Warmachine off the ground this year. :)’

Here is a Mute Math tune that has been on repeat in my head for the past 5 hours: