Update time. So I have been out of drawing things for a bit, but I am starting to get into the groove of things again.

Some cool things that has happened recently:

1.) Got accepted into SCAD and got a scholarship. If I can get enough financial aid I will go! So excited,

2.) Went and showed prints at a little gig at Propaganda Lake Worth. There I met RhymeAllNight, a local rapper who had recently gotten into drawing.

He sent me some of his drawings and wanted some advice as to how to plunge into making art for the first time. Here’s my email. I am posting it because it has some general tips that might be useful to anyone who wants to get into art or if you just wanna know my personal approach.


All I see here is sketches on line paper. Try going to Jerry’s Artarama or Michaels and buying some actual art supplies if you are down to practice.
Before I discovered Photoshop I experimented with every medium out there: paint, pencil, color pencil, ink, charcoal, chalk, collage, graphite, and tons of other random stuff.
There are some old pics on my site where you can see the pencil.
SO take a day to sit back, chill and just find your medium. Try using anything you can to make art and once you finally find a winner you will know.
Most of my favorite things about my work are derived from another artists style.
Literally staring at an artists work and seeing what you like and redrawing it over and over is something everyone needs to do.
Draw pictures that are similar if you dont want to copy. Or if you want the muscle memory, try tracing it.
This is just for finding your style though. Remember not to only bite off others peoples work. Make your own original things inspired from their work.
Some artists that influenced my style are jamie hewlett, dan mumford, clive barker, aaron alexovitch and jhonen vasquez.
Research artists in your specific niche, if you even have one.
(Below is a gallery of some of their art)
You may get frustrated if your art does not live up to your vision.
But keep at it. you will have to fail a thousand times before you are really satisfied with what you draw.
Once you look at your art and see that it is improved beyond what you thought possible you will be hooked and never stop creating art.”
Hope some of this points you in the right direction. I think everyone should be doing some sort of art, it really improves your life.
Good luck to RhymeAllNight and any other aspiring artists.