HEY! So it was my birthday on the 15th! Now that I am 21 and have access to booze you can expect messier line work, delayed pages and a general decline in my artwork’s quality. I kid…I kid…

So originally I intended this art blog to be more locally oriented instead of showing artists that you could just google search (Because they are 1000000+ times more well known than I). So here is my attempt at featuring the local talent of South Florida:

In my area it is rare to run into other aspiring cartoonists, I assume they don’t leave the house much except for cons or food. Imagine my surprise when I met the twin brother creative cartooning force, Connar and Austin Brown. Two for the price of one not bad. What immediately strikes me about their work is the potential for animation, their addictive style and their generous injections of not-so-subtle humor in all their art. I have had many talks on the subject of comics and cartooning with them and their passion is apparent. It will only be a matter of time before your children are affixed to the television screen watching the animated byproducts of their twisted minds. Lock up that Devil Box. Sal’ I’m saying.

Both artists display a similarly familiar and expressive style that could be likened to oh8 or Byan Lee O’Malley, mixed with a healthy dose of internet rage. They are different in their motivations however. Connar is prolific in his creation and management of two comics, Shenanigans and Questnaut, while throwing OCTs regularly. Austin focuses more on sketchwork and character designs. These two are definitely part of our generation’s coming wave of cartoonists and I look forward to seeing what they create in the future. Peep their art below, including their rendition of me in a drunken haze dreaming good Spartan dreams.

Connar, Austin and yours truly will be exhibiting on artist ally July 4-7 at the Florida Supercon. This will be my first booth/attempt to sell art ever so I am, of course, shitting in my pants. I hope to have plenty of pages, prints, cards and shit sandwiches prepared for our debut so come join us at the Miami Airport Convention center.

Now in addition to being artistic friends of the Browns, they are ACTUAL friends as well. We thoroughly enjoy talking up the video games and pulp stuffs, taking our girlfriends out on dates and just sorta living it up in South Flo. It is important to enjoy the other aspects of life outside of art and comics. Perhaps I take this notion too much to heart, but honestly Art for me comes naturally when it synchronizes with all the other things in my life. If you are an artist/cartoonist/writer/whatever that is struggling with their motivations or stressing because of their art then check out this blog by Stephen McCranie. It’s full of insight and “OMG that is exactly how I feel as an artsy fartsy kinda person” moments. Highly recommended as it will break down a lot of thought processes that occur in the doubtful minds of this new generation of artists.

One last thing. I have been totally hooked on this Anouar Brahem fellow. His music is a dreamy blend of Arabic sounding solo pieces, mournful piano and French-inspired accordion embelishments. It’s great to draw to or just throw on your ipod whenever you want to feel like your in One Thousand and One Nights.

That’s all folks, catch you hear next Friday.