So I recently moved to New York for an increased probability of inspiration and art propagation. A few months time will reveal if it was the most profitable decision. So far however, I am having a great time and getting a lot of idea’s for the next few pages of Nekyia, which will involve a dystopian super city. I’ve been up here for about 2 weeks now, and I have a lot of backed up photos that I felt I should post for anyone in Florida who actually reads this. My current living situation is pretty swell, It’s a Live/Work artists studio in Ridgewood, Queens, with some cool artsy roomates. Because I know have the space you will be seeing more actual paintings from me, as opposed to just digital comics.

As evident from the photos, I’ve visited almost every part of NYC so far. Harlem, East Harlem, Lower East Side, East Village, Union Square, Times Square, Brooklyn Heights, Bedstuy, Bushwick, Midtown,