Andrew Rodriguez


Andrew was born the same year as the United State’s costliest and most destructive hurricane of the same name . He was raised in Savage, Maryland and lives around the east coast, currently leaving NYC to live in Kentucky.

¬†Despite his hometown’s moniker, he is actually quite gentle.

Influenced as a child by the “Golden Age of Animation” and the national park near his house, Andrew developed an early love of storytelling, art and nature.

Growing up around terms like “global warming, peak oil, economic collapse and near-term human extinction” he became very aware of the dire position humanity has put themselves in.

On January 1st 2015, after the fallout of the Fukishima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster was revealed to have reached the US, Andrew switched to a plant based diet. began volunteering at farms and began to work on the first chapter of a post-apocalyptic comic called Green Shift.

It is his hope that he can use dynamic characters and storytelling to draw people’s attention to the environment¬†and explore ways that we can reclaim our lives from the exploitative and destructive industries that currently control them. Far too many apocalypse stories burden the soul with pessimism, Andrew prefers to see our civilization’s collapse as the next great adventure.

After all, every mushroom cloud has a silver lining.