Hey yall, just a quick post of the inks for page 14. I wanted to post this sooner but my 6am-2pm shift ensured I was far too tired to complete it. Today I really went at it and got it done. I would like to get my self on a schedule of at least a page a week, but with 5 classes and a job (not to mention a girlfriend) I am pretty strapped for time. But hopefully I can deliver. I am also trying to build my audience so that all my effort is not for nothing. I’m now on stumbleupon and I’m looking into other comic communities and forums as well as the Palmcon in my area. Business cards, banners and posters are my next project now that I have gotten the website all polished. SO much to dooooo.

Also, one of my favorite 90’s bands, Fair to Midland, came on and infused me with the energy to finish this. They are a really diverse sounding band with great unique lyrics. Check em out!

Farewell all! Hopefully I can get the colors started tomorrow! Wh00!