I love stories. I really do. I don’t care if it’s a book, a drawing, a movie, a song or a comic. The expression of human ideas forming something tangibly epic within the audiences mind is a concept I have been obsessed about my entire life. From the moment I could hold a pencil I have tried to convey my own stories through art. I was never the typical¬† artist at any point in my life. While others painted still lives and figure drawings I drew monsters and fantasy scenes, always backing them up with writing. In my short life, I have cultivated quite a large amount of fleshed out characters, stories and worlds and it has been my dream to get them out of my own head and into the minds of others. It’s been a long¬† journey of practicing, learning and creating and to see my efforts come together is really awesome. Making this web comic has been a goal of mine for years and it’s just really cool to see all my characters (some that I designed in 9th grade) actually interacting and doing crazy shit. Making this has also taught me a great deal about writing, storyboarding, web design and illustration which just makes my portfolio even more impressive hopefully. I have a lot planned for this comic, with a gradual shift from action/humor to more darker sci fi/horror stuff. I have alot of different genres that I want to explore by this comics end.

But enough ranting, lemme get to the point of the blog. Besides showing my art and the art of others, I wanted to share music and entertainment. So for every blog post I will be posting an image and the song I was listening to at the time of writing.

So stay tuned for more cause got big plans!

Here we go!