My, my it’s been quite a bit since I have written in this blog. Last entry I was talking about finding one’s purpose in life, nature and the comic-in-progress.

Well, a lot has changed since that time obviously. That little patch of dirt that I was talking about turning into a garden? Well it turned out wonderfully.

Grew tomatoes, kale, radishes, herbs, squash, the whole grocery list. For most of the spring I had replaced 30-50 percent of my food with stuff I had grown. I really enjoyed tending to the plants and decided to try and find horticultural work. This led me to an interesting 6 week stint in Ashland, Virginia, helping take care of a homestead with crops, livestock and children.



Upon returning to the city I felt the need to be around green things again, so i took a job doing rooftop gardens in Manhattan….


However, I still found this line of work to be not completely satisfying as the politics of money and ignorance bear heavily on the creative integrity of the gardener. After two years, I also feel like my time in the Big Apple has come to an end, at least for now. I love this city and all it has done to inspire my art and writing, but it’s far to expensive to be a practical place for me to develop my less than lucrative small business ideas (Webcomics and Regenerative Farming). I have also noticed that the city is becoming even more overpopulated and people’s health issues are more numerous. Cancers and respiratory issues are a huge concern in an industrial area like NYC. This kind of environment does wonders to inspire dytopian sci fi of course, but my comic is also about the the GREEN side of things. It’s theme will focus on the contrast between the Empire of Man and the Empire of Nature. I really look forward to getting to develop my nature centered spirituality as I continue to write this story.  I don’t want to spoil too much but I’ve currently written and drawn my way to a point in the comic where our main character is straddling the boundaries between worlds. Check out these drafts, people!

pg23-24 pg25-26draft pg27-28

What will Max on the other side of this dark tunnel? Stay tuned and find out!
Meanwhile I will be continuing my own agrarian journey, which I will be writing about more in depth at a later date.
Until Next Time…