Now that I have finally caught up on pages and am in between doing another one I figure I might as update this blog. I recently purchased the pc/tablet hybrid, Surface Pro by Microsoft. This is a big change from my old Asus G7, mostly due to the portability. I can attest how difficult it is to haul around a 17 inch laptop, a 2 pound power brick and Wacom tablet everywhere. I was pretty much using it exclusively as a desktop computer. With this new tablet I am super mobile, which hopefully means I will be blogging and posting new art more frequently. In fact

And I can draw on the screen! Its flippin cool!
So besides finally making my page deadlines there is some other news since my last blog post.

Firstly, I had my first experience selling my art at a con. Florida Supercon to be exact. Guess how much I made?

500 dollars.

…Times zero. I made zero dollars. I did however get to do a bunch of hilarious PokeFusion drawings and got to commission a character from the works of an aspiring author.

Also, for many months I had been attempting to get a job as a store artist at the whole foods near me. They seemed very interested, with lots of contact between me and the manager and 2 interviews. Sadly they did not select me for the job. But on the Brightside, I got to keep the expensive set of Woodcraft markers they gave me for my drawing applicatio0n. Score! And I happen to be really good with them!

Below are the 2 pieces of art I had to create for WF as well as the con commish. Also included is the illustration I did for a friends wedding invite and some inking I did in Illustrator over pencils by my buddy Rob Regis, local artist and wordsmith.  So much art…my phalanges hurt…

I leave you with Isan…Amber Button. So simple yet haunting.